What Is Mindful Living?

To be mindful is advice we hear regularly. We are told to be mindful of our time, our words, our actions. But what does mindfulness really encompass? For us, it’s everything. To live mindfully is to live intentionally and purposefully. It’s about focusing on living a life worth sustaining, full of things that bring us peace of mind and good health. It’s about cutting out the things that aren’t conducive to our personal growth, things that are negative or that lead us away from our aspirations. It’s accepting what is beyond our control and being present.

Every day the world around us grows and changes at a rate that’s increasingly difficult to adapt to. We get so swept up in the day to day tasks that we forget to breathe. There’s less stability and security. Cities are growing outwards and upwards with access to natural resources become fewer and further in between. There’s an increased dependence on technology for connectivity and work, making it harder for individuals to make meaningful connections and have physical anchors in the real world. As much or as little contact we have with others and the world it never seems to be enough, and being the social creatures that we are, we get lonely. There is a desire to reconnect with nature in an effort to balance out the rapid urbanization around us. House plants offer an accessible avenue to achieve that.

The benefits of house plants are no secret. Plants have been proven to lower stress, provide purpose, and improve the overall quality of life for individuals. Though they grow and change as all things do, they are rooted and stable. They respond to us and the care we give them by growing and multiplying, leaving us with a sense of accomplishment in creating a small natural oasis within man-made walls. It provides a point of connection between individuals and fosters community. Life is tumultuous. When we remember we need to stop and breathe it may not be feasible to get up and go outside because natural spaces are becoming scarce. Nevertheless, to maintain a mindful life is essential to our individual health. So, by adopting plants and bringing them into our homes, we find our lives begin to slow down to a more natural pace, and we find a moment to catch our breath. Owning plants is a way for us to nurture life, build green sanctuaries, and express our creativity mindfully, healthily, and productively.

Written by
Lauren Alsina