Peperomia Variegated

Peperomia obtusifolia

Peperomia obtusifolia “Variegata”, also known as Baby Rubber Plant, is native to Florida, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The Baby Rubber Plant was given its nickname because of its thick, leathery leaves. However, it has no relation to the rubber tree family and is actually related to pepper plants (those that produce peppercorns) . Baby Rubber Plants are a dwarf species and are known for their interesting foliage and easy care, making it a popular houseplant amongst dotting plant parents.


Water about once a week allowing the soil to drain and dry before its next watering. prefer medium to bright filtered light. This plant prefers to be kept on the drier side as it stores water inside its thick leaves and should only be watered when the top two inches of soil feels completely dry to the touch. The easy maintenance makes this a wonderful choice for beginner plant parents looking for a compact sized houseplant.

Care Tips

Peperomia obtusifolia

Although plant parents tend to have their own parenting style and each plant’s needs are different, our plant experts have a few suggestions they’ve found to be helpful overall:


The variegated Peperomia enjoys bright indirect light.


Water about once a week allowing the soil to drain and dry before its next watering.


Peperomias prefer temperatures of 65⁰ to 85⁰.


Apply a balanced houseplant fertilizer at half strength once every 1 - 3 months.

Fun Facts

  1. Collect Them All: The genus Peperomia encompasses over 1,000 diverse species one can add to their home.
  2. Resilient: The variegated Peperomia obtusifolia is a hardy houseplant with little to no pest problems and can tolerate irregular waterings.
  3. Common Name: Peperomias are often referred to as radiator plants. The name comes from American horticulturalist Liberty Hyde Bailey, who named them so because they enjoy warm weather and sunlight.
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